Elias Eying WWE Intercontinental Title In 2020, Needing The WWE Universe On Your Side

WWE Superstar Elias was recently interviewed by Commercial Appeal to promote this week’s Friday Night SmackDown from the FedExForum in Memphis. During the interview, Elias discussed his goal for 2020 being the WWE Intercontinental Title, and then, eventually, the Universal Title; needing the WWE Universe on your side, and telling the truth with his music.

Here are the highlights:

Wanting the Intercontinental Title in 2020, and then, eventually, the Universal Title:

I’ve got every tool you could imagine to get there, so it’s just a matter of opportunity and timing, as far as I’m concerned.

Needing the WWE Universe on your side:

They need to be on your side, and it just so happens I’ve got the power to manipulate people with my music, with my words, with everything I do, and it looks like that is the approach I am going to have to take moving forward.

Telling the truth with his music:

A lot of times the truth can hurt. I might’ve said some things about Memphis in particular in the past that may have upset them, but I’m thinking this time around the truth is just going to be accepted on a much bigger level.

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