Lana: Don’t Assume Someone’s Sexuality, Please Have Compassion


Photo by Mary Clavering/Young Hollywood/Getty Images

The wedding of Lana and Bobby Lashley on this past week’s Monday Night Raw was leveled with a bombshell when Liv Morgan returned to reveal that she and Lana were lovers earlier this year.

With Lana being married to Rusev in real life, and there never been any public acknowledgment that she identified with the LGBTQ+ community, some fans were perplexed by the decision to put these two women into an LGBTQ+ storyline when a Superstar like Sonya Deville has been very outspoken about her sexuality in real life.

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Seemingly responding to this criticism, Lana took to Twitter to discuss her views on sexuality and asked fans to have more compassion saying that just because she’s never been outspoken about her own sexuality, doesn’t mean she isn’t having difficulty processing it.

“Don’t assume someone’s sexuality. Just because they are not outspoken in the LGTBQ community doesn’t mean that they’re not pansexual, bisexual, gay, transgender or trying to process their sexuality,” she began. “Even if they are married. For many it’s complicated. Please have compassion.”

In a second tweet, she would continue to explain the complexities that may make someone hesitate about publicly coming out.

“For people growing up in religious homes, different parts of the world & cultures you have no idea how complicated it can get when it comes to one’s sexuality,” she continued. “So in 2020 please let’s not judge & assume. But let’s show more empathy, sympathy & compassion.”

This saga will add a new chapter on Monday Night Raw with the fallout of “the wedding of the decade” this upcoming week.