Roman Reigns Beats Dolph Ziggler, WWE 24/7 Title Changes Hands Twice

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

During tonight’s New Year’s Eve special with Steve Harvey on FOX, Roman Reigns and Dolph Ziggler collided in a match for the fans. In the relatively short match, Reigns dispatched Ziggler quickly, coming away with another big win for the Big Dog. Of course, in true WWE fashion, though, that wasn’t all that happened, as the WWE 24/7 Championship also changed hands during the show.

During an interview with Maria Menounos, R-Truth was knocked down by Mojo Rawley, who quickly pinned Truth while Menounos counted. Following the victory, Rawley attempted to leave, but was interrupted by Elias, who hit Rawley with his guitar, which allowed R-Truth to cover Rawley once again and regain the title. Needless to say, despite losing the championship a bunch, Truth still knows how to find his way back to it, and his reign will continue into the new year.

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