Samoa Joe Saves Kevin Owens From Seth Rollins And The Authors of Pain

Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

This week on WWE Monday Night RAW, Kevin Owens continued his rivalry with Seth Rollins and the Authors of Pain. The Architect interrupted Owens at the beginning of the show and called himself a messiah. The Authors of Pain attacked Owens while Rollins admonished Owens for getting in his way. Samoa Joe charged to the ring and evened the odds by taking the fight to the Authors of Pain. He then floored Rollins with some punches but the Authors of Pain attacked him again. Owens fought back again until security guards broke up the brawl. Owens dove onto an ocean of security guards and the Authors of Pain.

Backstage, in an interview, Joe said Rollins gave him no choice; he said that, thanks to Rollins, Owens will never stand alone again. Owens said he’s glad Joe is by his side. Security tried escorting both men from the building but they left of their free will.

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