ROH Wrestling Results (12/30/19): G1 Supercard Recap

ROH Wrestling Results 

Aired December 30, 2019 

Report by Colin Tessier for

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Ian Riccaboni welcomes viewers and previews the show.

Title vs. Title Match: NEVER Openweight Champion Will Ospreay vs. ROH World TV Champion Jeff Cobb (replayed from G1 Supercard)

Cobb takes the fight to Ospreay and sends him flying with a shoulder block. Outside the ring, Ospreay uses the barricade as a springboard. He then hits a cartwheel senton on Cobb and counters Cobb with a tornado DDT on the floor. Cobb overpowers Ospreay and hits a delayed vertical superplex for a near fall. The Olympian throws Ospreay across the ring. Ospreay attempts a hurricanrana but Cobb counters it into a bearhug. Cobb is taken down with a handspring spinning kick.

Ospreay takes Cobb down with a springboard forearm. Cobb throws Ospreay across the ring again after the former slaps him a few times. Cobb kips up and hits a standing moonsault for a near fall. Stiff strikes rock Cobb, who hits Ospreay with a superkick but Ospreay plants Cobb with a Spanish Fly. A flying dropkick catches Cobb in the side of the face. The two men exchange counters and Ospreay nearly wins with a sunset flip powerbomb.

Cobb turns Ospreay inside out with a clothesline. The big man goes up top but Ospreay dodges a Frog Splash attempt. A Robinson Special is followed up by an  Oss-Cutter attempt but Cobb counters. He throws Ospreay into the corner but Cobb still gets planted with the same move. A hook kick to the head drops Cobb but he counters a Storm Breaker. Cobb hits the Call of the Islands off the top rope and nails it again on the ground to win the match.

Winner and new NEVER Openweight Champion: Jeff Cobb 

Riccaboni recaps the rivalry between RUSH and Dalton Castle and recaps their match at G1 Supercard. The show shifts to clips of their short match.

Honor Rumble (replayed from G1 Supercard)

(The show shows highlights of the match.) Kenny King and Minoru Suzuki are the first two entrants. Suzuki no-sells some chops and a shoulder tackle. One punch drops King before the next entrant, Cheeseburger, enters the match. The new entrant chops both men in the ring before Suzuki floors him with a forearm. Suzuki tries to eliminate King and the Beer City Bruiser strolls to the ring with a keg. The big man dishes out punches to all three men in the ring and bites them, too. Suzuki and King gang up on him and Sho enters the match. He drops Cheeseburger with a dropkick and tries to suplex the Bruiser.

“Brawler” Milonas strolls to the ring and eliminates Ali and LSG. Bad Luck Fale enters the match and dumps Sho and Yoh over the match. Cheeseburger avoids elimination; his partners in Shinobi Shadow Squad catch him. Titus pulls a Shawn Michaels to avoid elimination but he’s eliminated by Shingo, who gets eliminated by Suzuki. Tracy Williams enters the match and exchanges strikes with Suzuki. Yoshi-Hashi is the next entrant and Taguchi gets eliminated off-screen. Romero fights out of a bearhug from Milonas.

PJ Black enters the match and Suzuki tosses out Ferrera and Owens. Jyushin “Thunder” Liger makes his way to the ring and takes the fight to everyone in sight. Milonas gets eliminated by the legend. TK O’Ryan enters the match and takes battles Black. Vinny Marseglia makes is way to the ring. Williams gets tossed out by the representatives of the Kingdom. Delirious runs to the ring (and around it.) Tomohiro Ishii enters the match and dishes out strikes to everyone around. He eliminates Black.

Toru Yano enters the match but trades places with Colt Cabana. Cabana hits elbows on everyone around. Cabana gets the loudest cheers of the match. Hirooki Goto is the next entrant. Yoshi-Hashi gets thrown out by Fale. Nearly all the competitors collectively eliminate Fale. The Great Muta enters the match as the last entrant. Muta strikes Delirious and eliminates him.

Suzuki eliminates Cabana and Yano. Muta eliminates Gresham. The Stone Pitbull and Suzuki exchange strikes. Ishii eliminates Suzuki before the Kingdom tosses Cheeseburger out. Haku fights the Kingdom but Marseglia and O’Ryan toss him out. They also eliminate Ishii. Muta, Liger, O’Ryan and Marseglia are the final four.

The legends eliminate the Kingdom. Muta and Liger are the final two. King comes back into the ring and eliminates both Muta and Liger.

Winner: Kenny King

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