The New Day On Earning A Long Leash, Diving Into The Day Of WWE TLC


Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

The New Day On Earning A Long Leash

In a clip from the latest edition of the Feel The Power Podcast, Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods discuss earning the long leash that they have creatively. They talk about sitting outside the office of “he who must not be named” early on in their run as a trio. While E admits it was frustrating at first, he says that it helped them build up a rapport with the boss and showcased their passion for their ideas, which won Vince over in the end.

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Diving Into The Day Of WWE TLC

In a sneak peek clip from the WWE Day Of episode covering this year’s TLC PPV, Roman Reigns and Charlotte Flair discuss what it’s like to prepare for a physically grueling gimmick match. Roman Reigns feels that he has to go to a different place than he does in a regular wrestling match, while Charlotte feels the same intensity whenever she’s in the ring.

The full episode of Day Of will premiere tonight immediately following RAW on the WWE Network