Report: All Elite Wrestling Considering On-Air Commissioner Role

All Elite Wrestling

Photo Credit: Dominic DeAngelo

An on-air commissioner could be in the cards for All Elite Wrestling.

The Twitter account WrestleVotes is reporting that AEW is considering having an authority-like figure take hold of the ongoings of the on-air product. No names are tied to the potential role whatsoever but someone WrestleVotes wants you to keep an eye on is Taz who happened to just finished up with his CBS Radio job.

“Rare non-WWE drop: I regularly talk to someone in the wrestling business, not directly tied to WWE… AEW is considering adding a commissioner type figure to TV. Name to watch is Tazz, who recently finished up w/ his CBS Radio job. Not sure it happens but interesting nonetheless.”

As reported earlier, Taz is scheduled for a “guest appearance” at AEW Dynamite’s Homecoming show on New Year’s Day. Taz has appeared behind the commentary booth two separate times with AEW, once on an episode of AEW Dark that hailed from Philadelphia and a second time during the Buy-In at AEW Full Gear.

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Author’s Note: Just to be clear again, Taz is not tied to this role, but this is some speculation on WrestleVote’s part considering the timing of the report and the upcoming Dynamite episode. To many’s chagrin, a commissioner role can still work in today’s wrestling, but it would have to be one that was seldom seen and heard (such as a William Regal in NXT, for example). A commissioner that meddles and distorts the rules in favor of his or her’s benefit is a dead horse that has been beaten way too much. However, having someone in an authoritative role could be a great way to balance out the EVP vibe of The Elite and create a foundation for cohesive storytelling in that regard.

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