Gene Snitsky Talks John Cena Breaking His Ribs, His Behavior Off-Screen

The Hannibal TV recently interviewed WWE veteran Gene Snitsky. The topic of John Cena came up, and he discussed how Cena isn’t as serious as people thinks he is and how he once broke his rib.

Check out highlights below:

On if facing John Cena in a lumberjack match was one of the biggest moments in his career:

It depends on who you ask. It’s cool wrestling John, I’ve wrestled him a bunch of times. He actually broke my ribs. He did that side slam out of the corner, and all 250 pounds came down right on my rib. I still have the little calcification on my ribs. I always joke around with people, “Feel that!” They’re like, “Oh my God,” and I’m like, “Yeah, John Cena did that.” It’s funny. John’s a good guy.

If Cena is as serious as people think he is:

No. He’s actually pretty silly. He likes to goof around and have a good time. There’s a lot of times where if we were at an airport or got stuck somewhere, we’d polish off a bottle of whiskey and goof around. A super nice guy.

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