Rusev Is Single And Ready To Mingle, What Is The Queen Planning For 2020?


Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images

Rusev Is Single And Ready To Mingle

After Rusev defeated No Way Jose on WWE RAW this week, the Bulggarian Brute danced with Jose’s conga line. In a WWE RAW Exclusive, Rusev continued to celebrate. “I’m single, I’m ready to mingle, I’m ready to…a girl kissing me on the left, a guy kissing me on the right, it’s okay, man, it’s all love,” said Rusev. “I’m gonna keep celebrating Rusev Day, as usual, we’re all gonna keep dancing, keep having the time of our lives and I may be single but I’m not alone because every day is… [the conga line cheered Rusev Day.]”

What Is The Queen Planning For 2020?

Chelsea Green took Charlotte Flair to the limit on WWE RAW this week but the Queen still won their match. Afterwards, in a WWE RAW Exclusive, Flair discussed her plans for next year. “I know who I want to face but I don’t know,” said Flair. “Maybe winning the Rumble [in] 2020.”

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