Akira Tozawa Wins WWE 24/7 Championship At Rockefeller Center, Loses It To Santa Claus


Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and the holiday season just got even better for Akira Tozawa. Though he has struggled since joining WWE RAW, he won the WWE 24/7 Championship on this week’s episode. When R-Truth went to Rockefeller Center a few weeks too late to see the lighting of its famous Christmas tree, Tozawa capitalized on the champion’s confusion.

Tozawa rolled R-Truth up for a three count and the new WWE 24/7 Champion ran off into the night. R-Truth chased Tozawa and he’s already hoping to recapture the title. Tozawa joins a long list of WWE 24/7 Champions.

Later on WWE RAW, Santa Claus distracted R-Truth and Tozawa and pinned the champion. Yes, Santa Claus is the new WWE 24/7 Champion.

Even later in the show, R-Truth and Tozawa chased down Santa and R-Truth pinned the champion to regain his title. Then, Tozawa and R-Truth peacefully walked away together.

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