Collector’s Corner: Eaglemoss WWE HeroCollector – Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, Ronda Rousey, Kurt Angle (Photos)

On the latest installment of Collector’s Corner we take a look at the brand-new Eaglemoss WWE Hero Collector figurines of:

  • Kofi Kingston
  • Xavier Woods
  • Kurt Angle
  • Ronda Rousey

These are the statue-like mini figurines you’ve more than likely seen reviewed on here many times. You can order them now on the HeroCollector website where you can SAVE $$$ with discount code ZONE at checkout!

Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero (Photo by KMazur/WireImage)

The Packaging

Each figure comes in a bulky-sized box to protect the figures from any potential damage considering they are fragile. They are like mini paperweight statues, like collectible chess pieces if you will, so they need to be protected. Anyway, the boxes are super colorful and this batch actually shows off all the different style packaging to date. Kofi and Xavier are in blue boxes to represent SmackDown while Ronda is in red for RAW and Angle looks to be in a different red color scheme box, potentially for legends? I may have to inquire on the exact rationale behind their boxes but that is my guess.

Regardless, the boxes are super colorful and detailed, showing others in the set or on the way as well as info about the awesome mini booklets they come with highlighting their career and moveset, etc. The booklet can be seen on the back of each of their boxes in a plastic protective sleeve. For this review they will remain in the boxes but you can see what it’s like in my AJ Styles review from awhile back.

Kofi Kingston

While I like the overall look of this Kofi figure, I think his likeness is a bit off, making him the weakest of the batch in my opinion. Besides his face the overall figure is very nice. His attire is super detailed, from the hood on his vest to the winged tips on his shoes. His outfit is super colorful and vibrant, as usual, and he’s in a dancing pose from when he’d come down the ramp clapping with Big E and Xavier. He is also on a stand with his name on a sticker on the bottom as well as felt to keep it from sliding.

Overall, besides his face he is great in my opinion. The detail on him is fantastic for his scale and if you’re a fan of New Day you will obviously need to pick him up to complete the group.

Xavier Woods

Xavier on the other hand looks pretty good and is super detailed as well. He even comes with his trombone, which unfortunately is bent from the plastic bubble, but it still looks really nice. Be careful though as it is flimsy and could probably snap easily if pressured enough. Besides that his likeness looks pretty good, his hair is in a bun and they even molded his chest to reflect chest hair, which is a wild detail for this scale. His vest and tights are very vibrant and detailed, which really makes this figurine pop. He is also on a stand with his name on a sticker on the bottom as well as felt to keep it from sliding.

Overall, Xavier is probably my second favorite of the set as the detail is great and really makes it a cool figure. Once again, if you’re a New Day fan you’ll want them all to complete the group. They haven’t revealed a Big E yet to my knowledge, but I imagine he is in the works to go with them.

Ronda Rousey

Ronda looks cool, too, but I’m not so sure on her likeness. The detail on her is great though, from the makeup on her face to the mole beneath her eye to the braids in her hair to her gloves and shorts. For such a simple attire they put some nice detail into it. Her shorts aren’t just painted on, but are molded as well. Her top says Rowdy as well and her shoes are nicely detailed, too. Ronda is also on a stand with her name on a sticker on the bottom as well as felt to keep it from sliding.

Overall, her likeness could be better but the overall figure is decent. The detail is nice and impressive to me, which makes it a pretty cool figure in my opinion.

Kurt Angle

Lastly we have Kurt’s figure and it is my favorite of this batch and may be one of my favorites that I have so far honestly. The likeness is pretty good honestly and the detail on this figure is pretty awesome. His singlet is super detailed with all the logos going around the front, back and sides. He even has his Olympic gold medals around his waist followed by his colorful knee pads and boots. Kurt is also on a stand with his name on a sticker on the bottom as well as felt to keep it from sliding.

Overall, Kurt is a really awesome one as the likeness is decent and the outfit really pops. They really captured Kurt well here and I recommend him to anyone whom is a fan of his.


There are some nice figures in this latest batch and I look forward to displaying them with all the others I own so far. As mentioned before you can get them on the HeroCollector website. You can sign up for their subscription service or buy them individually instead. Look for reviews of others as they come my way to show you!

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