Lacey Evans On Focusing Her Mind And Avoiding Drugs Throughout Her Youth

Photo Credit: WKQX 101

Lacey Evans was a guest on the most recent edition of Corey Graves’ After The Bell podcast. In this clip from the episode, the “Sassy Southern Belle” talks about how joining the military gave her the role models she never found in her parents. “Coming from a childhood of drug addiction, depression and lots of anger, I always wondered what I wanted to be my whole life. The only thing I knew is what I didn’t want to be, and that was what I was looking at, it was what I was smelling.”

Lacey talks about believing that the “idle mind is the devil’s handiwork”, which led her to get jobs and pick up hobbies whenever she could. That also led to her joining the Marines at age 19, which provided the role models to base her life around that she was looking for.

For the full clip, check out the video embedded below: