AEW Dynamite Results (12/18/2019)

AEW Dynamite Results

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Kenny Omega and Adam Page vs. Lucha Bros

Kenny Omega and Rey Fenix start off the match with some chain wrestling. Kenny went for a quick One Winged Angel attempt but it was countered. Some more counter wrestling and the two men exchanged leaving Adam Page and Pentagon in the ring.

Lots of stalling and Pentagon does his taunt. Hangman responds by doing the same time. But saying “cowboy s***” and they start exchanging chops after about 90 seconds of stalling. A big boot to the face cuts off Pentagon and Kenny Omega tags in. Double chops by the estranged members of The Elite and they are in complete control. Kenny hits a swanton bomb over the top rope to the floor.

Later in the match, the Lucha Brothers regain control and utilize a code breaker double foot stomp tag team maneuver to keep that control. Later still, the Lucha Brothers continue their rapid-fire offense and a Dark Order graphic randomly glitched out onto the screen. Very cool. Continuing on, Fenix would deliver are violent hook kick but would be countered with a Powerbomb and a V Trigger Knee.

Omega would finally make a hot tag to Page who unloaded a barrage of cowboy s*** on to the brothers. A series of topes by the cowboy and the audience goes crazy. Hangman would continue to handle both men by himself and get a two count on a moonsault.

At around the 10-minute mark, Hangman would hit a fallaway slam from the top rope and tag in Kenny. Some brief double-teaming by The Elite but ultimately, miscommunication would lead to hangman page hitting a buckshot lariat on Omega and and a package piledriver double foot stop combination would spell victory for the brothers.

WINNERS: The Lucha Brothers

After the match, there was a confrontation between Omega and hangman but before they could come to blows, PAC shows up on screen and reveals that he’s about to harm Michael Nakazawa which would send Kenny Omega running.

Picture in picture, Kenny would be attacked by the Lucha Brothers backstage and Hangman would come to the rescue.

Cody And Darby Allin vs. Butcher & Blade (w/ Bunny)

The match starts off slow but eventually, it gets to a place where The Butcher And The Blade work over Cody. Constant interferences by Allie made it a long haul for the babyfaces but eventually, a springboard cutter would give Cody the win.


Awesome Kong In Action.

Short and simple spinning back fist and an implant buster.

WINNER: Awesome Kong

Chris Jericho vs. Jungle Boy

Early on, all of them men at ringside got into action and were booted out by referee Aubrey Edwards. Jericho remains largely and control except for a few hope spots by jungle boy. Jericho would keep the lion tamer on for 90 seconds and jungle boy would go the whole 10 minutes without losing.


Jericho would demand five more minutes and in those five minutes, he would almost be pinned twice. Jericho would just walk away afterward.

After a commercial break, he would have a brief back and forth with Tony Schiavone and then announce that on January 1st, he would have a special surprise for Jon Moxley.

The Lucha Brothers would confront Christopher Daniels and SCU.

Kris Stadtlander vs. Britt Baker

A competitive back-and-forth match. The Extra-Terrestrial like Superstar would end up winning with her tombstone like finisher.


After the match, Stadtlander wouldn’t turn down the offer to join the nightmare collective and get attacked for her trouble.

AEW Tag Team Championship Match: SCU vs. The Young Bucks

a very competitive championship match with tag team expertise being shown on both sides but in the end, the EVPs of AEW were once again defeated cleanly, this time by the reigning tag team champions.


After the match, The Dark Order appeared with the new pledges of the Beaver boys and they beat down the four men in the ring, Dustin Rhodes, Christopher Daniels, Cody, and Kenny Omega.

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