WWE RAW Taped On Delay Last Night, Viking Raiders Declare War On The O.C.

WWE RAW Karl Anderson Luke Gallows

Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

WWE RAW Taped On Delay Last Night

WWE’s “live” episode of RAW last night wasn’t exactly that.

WWE production began rolling the tapes in Des Moines, IA about an hour ahead of time and did not wrestle “commercial break” time as they had to accommodate for their taping of the Christmas RAW next week. What production would do this week when a commercial break would begin is hit pause on the action and then fire it back up when they’d return from break. By the time this week’s RAW wrapped up, the in-ring work in Iowa was well on its way to wrapping up the second episode of RAW.

Viking Raiders Declare War On The O.C.

The Viking Raiders have only lost twice since debuting in WWE and both of those losses come from the hands of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson of The O.C. Both Erik & Ivar are not pleased and want to wage war on The Good Brothers.

After a loss to The O.C., fired-up Raw Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders declare “The Raid” will be waiting next week on Raw.