ROH Wrestling Results (12/16/19): Tracy Williams and Mark Haskins vs. RUSH and Dragon Lee

ROH Wrestling Results 

Aired December 16, 2019 

Report by Colin Tessier for

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The show opens with a look at El Jefe Cobo & El Villainisto’s win over Delirious & Mini Delirious at ROH Unauthorized. After the mask, Mini Delirious unmasks and reveals he’s Swoggle.

Ian Riccaboni welcomes viewers to the show and previews it.

Colt Cabana’s Punderful Six-Man Tag Team Match: Dalton Castle, Flip Gordon & Kenny King defeated Brian Milonas, Cheeseburger & The Beer City Bruiser (Replayed from ROH Unauthorized.)

King dares Cheeseburger, who’s wearing a Cheeseburger heat, into the ring. King overpowers him but also uses some finesse to escape a wrist lock. Cheeseburger briefly locks in a step-up abdominal stretch. Flip Gordon rocks Cheeseburger with a superkick. Dalton Castle, Gordon and King gang up on Cheeseburger. Brawler Milonas clears house. Cheeseburger plants Gordon with an assisted Canadian Destroyer. Beer City Bruiser and King tag in. The Bouncers suplex all three of their opponents. King takes out everybody with an Arabian Press. The crowd cheers on Gordon as he teases jumping off the stage but he flips them off and leaves the match. Bruiser hits a crossbody on everyone off the stage. King rolls up Cheeseburger for the win.

Winners: Kenny “Burger” King, Flip “N Burgers” Gordon and Dalton “White” Castle

Riccaboni recaps his in-ring action at ROH Unauthorized, with the help of some video highlights.

Brian Zane lists the top five managers in Ring of Honor. Prince Nana and Shane Hagadorn are two of the managers he names.

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