Full NWA Into The Fire Results (12/14/19)

NWA Into The Fire

NWA Into The Fire

Atlanta, GA, December 14, 2019

Commentators: Joe Galli & Stu Bennett


Grudge Match: Eli Drake vs. Ken Anderson

Collar elbow tie up. Ken backs Eli up in the corner and the two reset. Both exchange wrist locks and Eli drop toe holds Ken down. Anderson wrenches the arm. Jaw break snapmare by Eli. Another arm wrench by Anderson. Eli elbows and slugs away at Ken in the corner. Irish whip but Anderson answers back with a clothesline and an elbow drop. Two count.

Ken tries to stay on top but Eli creates space between the two. He catches Anderson with a stun gun off the rope before hitting a hangman’s neckbreaker for two.

Eli chants break out as he hits a falling bodyslam on Ken. Big leaping elbow for two. Eli strikes, Ken returns the favor before Eli drop toe holds Ken onto the bottom rope. Eli hits a flying should tackle off the apron for two. Eli continues to keep Anderson grounded.

Eli connects with a swinging neckbreaker for two once more. Drake cinches in a chin lock. Two both get to a vertical base and they exchange punches back and forth. Ken strikes back repeatedly before Eli feeds him a knee. Ken jabs away at Eli before he hits a neckbreaker of his own. Ken Anderson hits a big steamroller for a very close fall.

Eli goes for a Gravy Train but Ken tries to roll him up for two. Eli runs and leaps to catch Ken on the top rope, but Ken flips over for a sunset flip powerbomb, Eli just plants himself down on top of Anderson good enough for the three count and the opening match victory.

WINNER: Eli Drake

Nick Aldis is announced for a ringside interview with David Marquez. To many NWA was a thing of the past, Aldis says, but when it looks like all hope was lost, until that one voice from Texas said that this was his mountain top. Now people from all around the world are watching him and James Storm battle for the one, true Worlds Championship. HIm and Storm have the chance to live forever.

Out comes James Storm and he tells Aldis straight up that Marquez will be announcing The Bearded Outlaw as the NWA Worlds Champion. He’ll also be saying “sorry about your damn luck.”


Tasha Steelz vs. Thunder Rosa

Before the match Tasha goes to talk to Marquez. She says finally there is some flavor in the NWA and she says it’s so fitting that she brings the Latina heat.

Thunder Rosa comes out and the crowd chants like crazy for her. Rosa grabs the hair before chopping Tasha right to the back, before turning her around for some knife edge chops. Tasha does an amazing head scissors but Rosa smacks her with a short arm clothesline.

Rosa puts Tasha in a tree of woe before literally wiping her feet on her face before popping her with a drop kick. Two count. “Thunder Rosa” chants once more. Tasha fights back but Rosa strikes her down for another two count.

Tasha fights back but Rosa catches her with a drop toe hold and surfboard stretches Tasha’s head into the bottom turnbuckle.

Tasha gets to her feet and shows that Latina Heat with some running elbows and clotheslines before executing a cutter for two.

Twos sharp kicks to the face by Rosa before she leaps off the top rope for a double foot stomp for the win.

WINNER: Thunder Rosa

Thunder Rosa isn’t done as she continues the assault, but out comes Ashley Vox for the save. Rosa hits her with a shoulder breaker before Rosa contorts the arm and leaves Vox in great pain. The question is asked if she’ll be able to compete for her tag match tonight.


The Question Mark vs. Trevor Murdoch

The Question Mark is out with Aron Stevens as Barrett reveals that Stevens is a third degree black belt after three weeks of training in Mongrovian karate and Question Mark is his sensei.

Stevens grabs the mic and tells the crowd that his Sensei Question wants to be the first in American to have a Mongrovian flag ceremony.

The Question Mark sings the Mongrovian National Anthem as Stevens stoically holds the Mongrovian National Flag behind him. He’s interrupted by opponent Trevor Murdoch.

The two lock up but QM jabs Murdoch in the mid-section.

Momentum soon shifts with Murdoch delivering several body slams. He finishes it with a third one. Murdoch goes for the mask of QM, but a palm strike to the throat stops him. Murdoch gains the advantage and forearms strikes him several times. QM hits a spike to the throat but Murdoch miraculously kicks out.

QM stomps Trevor repeatedly before getting chopped on the crainium. Murdoch strikes him in the corner, but QM eventually leaps off the turnbuckle with an Exclamation Point, but Murdoch has enough wherewithal to put his foot on the ropes.

Momentum changes once more when he catches QM with a spinebuster. Murdoch grabs the Mongrovian flag from a “student” ringside” and throws it on the ground. Aron Stevens distracts Murdoch on the outside and QM yells in agony. He catches Trevor with a double strike to the through for the pinfall victory.

WINNER: The Question Mark


NWA Worlds Tag Team Championships: Rock ‘N’ Roll Express (c) vs. The Wild Cards

RNR Express bring out an insurance policy with Outlaw Inc. Ricky Morton says that Wild Card is a nightmare to deal with. Out comes The Wild Cards and they have an insurance policy of their own: The Dawson Brothers.

Crowd is fully behind RNR. Morton starts it off with Lattimer. RNR Express are wearing the exact same gear from the 1986 Starrcade. Ricky and Robert start with some double team work, and soon send both Wild Card members to the outside giving Morton the moment to tope suicide onto the two.

Wild Card gets a quick advantage with a elbow to the back and they execute a near finish onto Morton but the ref declares the tag not legal.

Morton tags in Gibson and he comes in hot as he locks Lattimer in sleeper. A few missed moments by Wild Card causes near falls for RNR and Ricky Morton pops Lattimer down with a Canadian Destroyer.

Chaos breaks out on the outside and RNR Express nail a double dropkick onto Royce for the 1-2-3.

WINNERS and STILL NWA Worlds Tag Team Champions: The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express

January 24 is the next PPV for NWA and they will have the return for the NWA Worlds Television Championship.

Out comes Eli Drake after his victory. He asks the crowd who they think will come out victorious in the main event. Many chants for Aldis. It doesn’t make a difference to Drake, but he’s kind of in the James Storm camp. He says whoever comes out on top, Drake told Storm to remember his boy and as for Aldis, Drake states he beat one of the best in the game, Ken Anderson. He tells that everybody is looking at the hottest thing running today. He said Anderson came out here and tried to pump his gas, but out comes Ken to attack him from behind. He grabs a chair and puts it around the neck of Eli, sending him crashing into the ring post. Officials come out to stop the brutality, but Anderson rolls Eli in the ring before hitting him with a Mic Check onto the steel chair. Eli is out as Anderson rolls his way out of the studio.


Allysin Kay & ??? vs. Melina & Marti Belle

ODB comes out to a gigantic reaction as she makes her way down to the ring. She is Kay’s partner.

Kay strikes away at Marti and Allysin stomps a mudhole in her. Splash in the corner and gets a near fall early in the match. Kay continues the attack and slaps her in the corner. Kay uses her pinky as a fish hook

Kay stays on top as she hits a neckbreaker for two. Melina talks trash and Kay flips her in. Kay goes for a modified piledriver on Melina but Belle stops her with a penalty kick. Marti ground and pounds Kay on the mat. Belle tags in Melina and smashes Kay’s face off the canvas. Melina punches away in the corner. Ref back is turned and Marti chokes Kay. Melina shoulder thrusts into Kay. Belle gets the tag for a side Russian Leg Sweep. Two count. DDT by Belle. ODB has yet to be tagged.

She finally gets her chance and brings the boom to Belle. Bronco buster in the corner by ODB. She fold her up for a pin but Melina breaks it up. Kay hits an AK47 on Melina and ODB hits a Samoan Drop on Belle for the win.

WINNERS: Allysin Kay & ODB

Bennett says how he hopes to see more of ODB in the NWA as Kay and she embrace. Kay takes a swig of ODB’s flask.


NWA National Championship Match: “Absolute” Ricky Starks vs. Aron Stevens vs. Colt Cabana (c)

Starks comes out high-fiving fans while Aron has The Question Mark by his side. Colt comes out and fist bumps a young fan before interacting with man laden in aand Americn flag suit.

Ricky Starks and Colt work on Stevens and they both deliver a bionic elbow to Stevens. The two find themselves feuding over attack strategy before Colt takes a moment to rolls Ricky up for two. Stevens goes and hides behind the ringside Christmas tree.Starks and Colt feel one another out with some mat work. The agility of the two is showcased as Stark wins with a shoulder block and a spinning cross body for two.

Stevens soon emerges from the forest as all three have a stand-off before Stevens starts doing some Mongrovian Karate poses. That ignites a double attack by Starks and Colt.

Colt dumps Starks onto the outside but it soon becomes him and Colt once more as Starks hits a back body drop on Ricky. Stevens rolls in and low blows Colt. He hits Ricky with a discus clothesline for two.

Stevens chokes Colt in the corner as The Question Mark takes an opportunity to strike Cabana on the outside.

Starks is surviving on instinct against Aron who kicks Stroke Daddy grounded. Starks tries a small package, but Aron kicks out. Another two count for Aron afterwards. In comes Colt but Aron dumps him again to the outside. Starks goes on the offense and changes the tide with a slingblade. “Ricky Starks” chant in the GPB Studios. Double team atomic drops by Starks and Boom Boom before they both give a wishbone split to Stevens. Starks hits a missile dropkick and senton on both Aron and Colt in succession. Starks goes for a tornado DDT but Colt escapes and Ricky rolls his way into an adomindal stretch. Colt catches Starks in The Billie Goat’s Curse and Starks literally bites the ropes to break the hold. Stevens is shown hiding once more in a sheet at ringside. Both Starks and Colt trade pinfalls. Starks goes for a backslide pin but another kick-out by Colt. Colt then gets almost another pinfall on Starks. Starks hits a tornado DDT. Colt goes for the Superman pin, but Question Mark strikes him in the throat. Starks spears Cabana. Aron Stevens slides in and gets the pinfall win as Question Mark holds Starks back.

WINNER and NEW NWA National Champion: Aron Stevens

A zebra-striped Tim Storm is being interviewed by Marquez. He says he’s honored to be there and because the NWA Worlds belt means so much to him, he’s going to do his darnedest to make sure he does the Ten Pounds of Gold justice. He’ll always be Mama Storm’s baby boy.


NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship

Two-Out-Of-Three Falls (Referees – Brian Hebner & Tim Storm)

“The Bearded Outlaw” James Storm vs. “The National Treasure” Nick Aldis (c)

Official introductions are made and the bell rings. Aldis yells “who wants it bad enough?” The two exchange hammer locks. Storm shows quickness with some headlocks. After a little ground game, the two meet at a stalemate. Storm says “that’s not all I got, big boy.” Out comes Camille and Aldis demands her to go to the back. Storm catches Aldis with a Last Call Superkick. He gets the first fall!


Storm stays on the attack as action spills on the outside. He sends Aldis into the steel steps. Storm breaks the count before taking Aldis into the stands. The brawl goes to the interview area as he slams Nick’s head into the podium. Storm snap suplexes Nick on the outside. Storm does a Flair Fargo strut. He rolls in the ring and Storm begins the count. With one count away, Aldis answers the call. Storm throws him back out. Storm smells blood in the water and goes to do more damage, but Aldis whips him into the Christmas tree at ringside.

The action soon gets back into the ring as Storm targets the leg of Aldis. The two trade punches. Storm snapmares Aldis down. He climbs the second rope and leaps off, but Aldis catches him with a belly-to-belly. Buys Aldis some time. Fans are on their feet counting both to their feet and James Storm hits an Eye of The Storm, but only a two count.

“National Treasure” chant breaks out. Storm grabs a chair out of anger and frustration. He may be taking a calculated risk by disqualfying himself for a second fall, but he surrenders the chair. Aldis gets Storm for a backslide, kick out. Storm goes for small package but Aldis rolls him over to secure the second victory.


Coin flip determines Brian Hebner as the third fall referee. Aldis hits a Michinoku Driver for a near fall. The two go back and for until Storm hits a backstabber for a near fall of his own.

Action goes to the top turnbuckle as Aldis executes a superplex. Storm just barely gets a shoulder up.

Aldis soon goes for another superplex, but Storm fights free and knocks Nick down. Big diving elbow by Storm, but another kickout by “The National Treasure.” “NWA” chant breaks out. Aldis goes for a Kingsland Cloverleaf but Storms rolls him up for two. Storm channels Flair for a figure-four leg lock. Aldis fights off pinfall losses while locked in the hold. He finally reverses the pressure.

Two get to their feet. Aldis catches Storm for a tombstone piledriver. He climbs the turnbuckle. Big elbow drop. Storm kicks out.

Storm looks to be in trouble, but he ducks a clothesline and and Aldis accidentally hits Hebner. Tim runs to check in on Brian. Aldis tries to get Hebner to come to, but in comes Tim Storm to take the reigns. Near fall by Storm. Last Call superkick leaves Aldis dizzy in the corner. He rolls Aldis up but Aldis kicks out and sends Storm crashing into a now exposed turnbuckle that Nick was just in. Nick turns him over for the Kingsland Cloverleaf. Storm is out cold. Tim Storm calls for the bell and the match is over.

WINNER and STILL NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion: Nick Aldis

Officials come out to check on the still unconscious James Storm. He finally comes to for a round of applause as he’s helped to the back. Aldis raises his hands in victory before heading ringside for his post-match interview.

Aldis goes on to say that the NWA ring is “our ring.” “This is where we cultivate our gifts.” He holds the Ten Pounds of Gold. Aldis says, “After tonight, I feel more confident in ever in saying, that there is not a man alive who can take this from me.” The lights go out and out comes “The Villain” himself, Marty Scurll.

Aldis is stunned as the two friends (and foes) stare one another down inside the ring.

Aldis exits and that’s the official end of Into The Fire.

Post show, Scurll does an interview but the feed cuts out.