Cody Rhodes Says AEW & NXT Fans Need To Stop Fighting Online, He Needs To Lead By Example

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Cody Rhodes isn’t a fan of All Elite Wrestling and NXT fans constantly bickering online, and he knows that he’s partly to blame due to taking shots at the other company in the past. On SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio, Rhodes discussed the warring factions.

“There’s a logic to both sides of this big deep divided argument,” explained Rhodes. “Whether there’s a little bit of fear from longtime WWE fans or a dislike of the bold personalities because we’ve done some really bold things like the breaking of the throne, our jabs like Jericho did in his promo. On the other side, there are defenders of AEW that are overly protective and sometimes are too generous to us. Obviously, we’re going to slip and make mistakes too.”

Rhodes believes that the two fan bases have more in common than they like to admit.”If you’re ever to put everyone in a room together with their AEW and NXT shirts they would get along just fine because they’re wrestling fans … if you look at everything that is happening [worldwide] our fan base needs to make better efforts to get along in a way. That starts at the top. I can go ahead and say that a lot of things get screwed up with what was done with me in WWE. If I was to be in a room with Triple H at this moment, I’d shake his hand and probably give him a hug. I’ve learned a lot from him and he’s on the absolute opposite side of the fence in the same role I am with AEW but has more experience with it. It’s fun but we can’t eat our own.

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