Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Elite 72 (Photos)

This week we take a look at none other than Mattel WWE Elite 72! You can currently get this set on where you can SAVE 10% with discount code MBG at checkout! This set includes:

  • Buddy Murphy (with Chase variant)
  • Batista
  • Becky Lynch
  • Velveteen Dream
  • Rey Mysterio
  • Roderick Strong

The Packaging

This is the first Elite series of 2020, which happened to release in mass this month, with the newer style red and white packaging. The packaging is a bit smaller than previous sets and is more flashy in my opinion. It’s very vibrant so you can see images of the wrestlers on the sides as well as a larger image on the back with statistics and those in the series.

Buddy Murphy

This is Buddy Murphy’s very first WWE action figure, as well as his chase variant in black, and it is really nice. He is super detailed, with his long and short shaved haircut to his unique cut up shorts. He has hand/wrist tape, knee pads, and his kick pads. The black attire features a painted on elbow pad and longer hand/wrist tape like he normally wears. The red attire figure was based on promotional images that didn’t have his full hand/wrist tape or the elbow pad, which is why it may look a little odd since he always wears this. Not to mention he comes with swappable hands and the CWC title.

Overall, these figures are really nice. They’re very detailed, too. The black attire is the Chase, which is my preferred version since his outfit is more accurate, such as his right arm. But besides that the detail is really nice on each and I love the new molding for his shorts. If you’re a fan it’s they’re really nice figures and I highly recommend both of them!


While I may not be the biggest Batista fan personally, this figure is probably his best to date. The detail alone in his tattoo work is simply amazing as Mattel knocked it out of the park. He is crazy detailed from his back to his arms to his chest to his legs. He features an updated headscan as seen on his latest Basic as well followed by his red trunks and red boots and black knee pads/socks. He also comes with swappable hands, sunglasses, a hat and microphone.

Overall, it’s a very nice figure of Batista if you don’t have his others. The detail on it alone makes it worth it. The accessories are a nice touch as well, but I do recommend it as it’s just really well done.

Becky Lynch

Becky is another fantastic figure in this set as it features her latest and newest head scan, which is by far her best. You can feel the attitude from the look on her face. She comes with her The Man jacket as well, which is made of cloth. She is the first WWE Elite female figure to feature swappable hands and double-jointed knees, something collectors have sought after for many years now.

Overall, this is her best figure to date. The cloth jacket is a great accessory and the fact she is pretty detailed and features swappable hands makes her one of the best female figures to date. I highly recommend it if you’re a fan of her as I’m sure this figure will be pretty sought after.

Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio is also another awesome and very colorful figure in this series. He features a new head scan as well as new, open hands that are molded to look like his unique gloves. His tattoos cover his body as well, which are super detailed. His wrists feature black wristbands that are technically supposed to be a part of his glove to create the look he’s actually wearing gloves than them just painting it on his wrists. He also features swappable hands, black tights and kickpads. Not to mention he comes with his GOAT shirt that slides over his head/body easily.

Overall, it’s one of his best figures to date. He’s super tiny like he is in real life, which makes him so unique figure wise. The detail is fantastic, especially the tattoos and the fact he has new hand molds is great as his previous Elites as of late had larger hands. I recommend picking up this Rey compared to his others as of late as it’s just perfect in my opinion.

Roderick Strong

This is Roderick’s very first figure. He was supposed to be in the NXT Elite series at Target but sadly was canceled. This was the way Mattel could finally get him into the line and they did a great job. Nobody would argue that Undisputed Era isn’t on fire right now as they’re so over and all their figures are selling like hot cakes, such as Elite 71 Adam Cole. Roderick is selling out everywhere as he’s the last piece of the UE puzzle. He features his armband, his camo trunks, wristbands, knee pads and short boots as well as a rubber UE t-shirt and UE chair.

Overall, Mattel did a great job on him. He was worth the wait and his other figure would’ve been his rookie figure so to speak, but this one is just awesome. If you love Undisputed Era you’ll want to get him to complete them, but good luck as he is selling fast! I wish he had a cloth shirt, but you could always have one made by the many talented artists out there who make figure shirts.

Velveteen Dream

Lastly we have Velveteen Dream and many collectors tore this figure apart not knowing the outfit when images leaked. However, he wore the outfit on NXT and many people just didn’t care for it as they hoped for more exciting attires like his Hollywood one. Dream showcases his 3-lens sunglasses, a new, super detailed hairdo, a rubber/removable headband and his romper-like outfit that looks like something Prince would’ve worn. Mattel painted the netting-type/mesh fabric to create that look on the outfit, which is pretty cool. Dream comes with swappable hands as well as the North American title if you missed out on it with Cole.

Overall, while the outfit isn’t my favorite, the figure itself isn’t bad at all. Mattel put some nice effort into it, such as the mesh fabric look, plus the detail in his hairdo is really cool in my opinion. Even if you don’t like the outfit but are a fan of his I recommend picking him up, not to mention the title is a great bonus.

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