Jim Ross Believes Steroids Should Be Allowed In Wrestling: It’s ‘Performance Art, Not The NFL’

Speaking on the Grilling J.R. podcast, AEW announcer Jim Ross discussed with Conrad Thompson that he doesn’t think steroids should be banned in professional wrestling. He says that wrestlers should have regular medical check-ins and more bloodwork than normal before stating that he believes performance-enhancing drugs have a stigma in the public eye.

Look, it’s a performance art. It’s not the NFL, and I’m not so sure it makes a sh*t even in the NFL. It has the same negative baggage that marijuana has. It has not been accepted widely, mass appeal… it has not been accepted widely enough to get that, ‘Ok, it’s alright.’

Ross continues that he believes legal steroids would bring in money for good causes, just as legalized marijuana has in some markets.

The bottom line as Stone Cold would say is a lot of money is going to the bottom line of these State coffers that need the money for school books and things of that nature. As long as that money is being put to good use for the children and educating our people for one thing and for health care, things of that nature, then hell yeah. Let’s create new money, new revenue.

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Transcript thanks to Post Wrestling