Hurricane Helms Once Filled In For Jeff Hardy As ‘Shane Hardy’

Hurricane Helms

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Hurricane Helms isn’t the only moniker the mild-mannered reporter Gregory Helms has pulled out of the phone booth, especially when his North Carolina cohorts need the run-in.

Helms was jokingly asked what “Hardy brother he was again?” after making a post on Twitter, and it led to Shane telling a very interesting story regarding that one time he filled in for Jeff Hardy in tag match when car trouble reared it’s motor head.

“True story, one time [Jeff Hardy] and [Shannon Moore] had car trouble and couldn’t make it to a show, so for one night only I became Shane Hardy and teamed with [Matt Hardy],” Tweeted Helms.

All three being from North Carolina, Helms and The Hardys have a long history with one another. Shane actually competed in Matt & Jeff’s  Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts promotion early in his wrestling career, back even before he felt the “Three Count” of WCW.

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