AEW Dynamite Results (12/11/19)

AEW Dynamite Results

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The show opened up with Jon Moxley making his way to the ring for a match with Alex Reynolds of the Beaver Boys.

Alex Reynolds vs. Jon Moxley

Really quick. Plain and simple, Jon Moxley hits the running knee and a high-angle Paradigm Shift DDT for the win.

WINNER: Jon Moxley

After the match, the other Beaver Boy was the recipient of a Paradigm Shift DDT and Chris Jericho came out to confront Moxley.

The crowd cheered and chanted for Moxley to f*** Jericho up.

Jericho says he taught Moxley how to become a main eventer. He runs down their history together, saying that Jon asked him for advice when he was first coming into the national scene. He says he brought Jon Moxley to AEW. Jericho says that it’s okay that Jon Moxley attacked him at Double Or Nothing because it showed him that Moxley is still an a****** and wants to be a star.

Jericho invites Jon Moxley into the Inner Circle. Jericho urges him not to answer tonight He tells him to enjoy the holidays and give him an answer after talking it over with his lovely wife and beautiful mother.

“Think hard, choose wisely and when you’re ready, we’ll be waiting.”

A vignette hyped tonight’s Street Fight main event. The winners will now face SCU for the titles next week.

Cody and QT Marshall vs. The Butcher and The Blade.

MJF was shown in the picture in picture, during Cody’s entrance basically laughing at Cody being stuck with QT Marshall for a partner.

Marshall was going to start the match but Cody tags himself in. Cody would start off with The Blade, Pepper Parks and get the better of him.

Cody would tag in Marshall who’d lock up with The Butcher but interference from Allie what allows Pepper Parks to hit a suicide dive that would send us into a picture in picture commercial.

Throughout the commercial, the new heel tag team would take control over QT Marshall.

Back from break, QT would try to break away and tag Cody but no luck. Andy Williams, The Butcher would continue to work over Marshall. Marshall would get a free moment thanks to a springboard Enzugiri and tag Cody.

Cody would come in like a house of fire and attack the new duo. A moonsault and a cutter weren’t enough to put away The Blade.QT Marshall would tag himself in and have quite the Hope spot doing planchas and springboard tumbleweeds but that wasn’t enough.The Butcher and The Blade would take advantage of the numbers game and put away QT Marshall with their suplex backstabber double-team combination.

WINNER: The Butcher and The Blade

After the match, Darby Allin showed up and extended his hand to Cody Rhodes. The announce team put over that Cody has a friend and we went to our second commercial break.

Back from break, Maxwell Jacob Friedman came into the ring and at The CrossRhodes which is being called The Double Cross on a production team member.

MJF would say that Cody shouldn’t have called him a knock-off Chris Jericho. Max calls Cody fake. He says Cody doesn’t care about the fans. MJF points out that Cody has a lisp. MJF teases that Cody should fire him but he never will because Cody and the fans want to see them have a match. Maxwell actually agrees to a match. However, he needs to name a few stipulations, which he won’t name in Texas. MJF says he will name the stipulations in Jacksonville on January 1st.

Maxwell closes out by saying he’s in control of the situation now.

-Commercial Break #3-

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