Juventud Guerrera Talks Working With Rey Mysterio, Being Cruiserweight Champion

Photo by New Japan Pro-Wrestling/Getty Images


Juventud Guerrera was recently on Jordan Garber NOW and talked about working against Rey Mysterio, different wrestling styles, and more. The following highlights were passed along by Jordan Garber.

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Juventud Guerrera on working with Rey Mysterio:

A lot of chemistry and a lot of friendship. At the end, it all started to become a reality not just inside of the ring but outside of the ring. But those things just don’t happen in wrestling. They happen anywhere.

Juventud Guerrera on winning the WWE Cruiserweight Championship:

A title is a major thing for any wrestler. So for me to hold on to that precious gold was a tremendous glory because everyone wants to and I am grateful God gave me this opportunity to be a champion and perform at the most major level.

Juventud Guerrera on wrestler’s learning different styles and what some promotions need to work on:

It’s interesting and it is one of the things that keep me alive. I just wish some companies had more talent. It’s like politics with whatever you have, and you do wrestling with whatever you have. I wish there was a different stipulation where you have a license as a wrestler. Not just go in the F* ring and call yourself a wrestler.

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