Silas Young Looking Forward To Final Battle, Potential For New Alliance With Josh Woods (Exclusive)

Silas Young sees a lot of talent in his new tag team partner Josh Woods and he hopes it leads to more success beyond this weekend’s Final Battle pay-per-view.

Young spoke to Wrestlezone’s Kevin Kellam ahead of Ring Of Honor’s Final Battle pay-per-view tomorrow night in Baltimore. Young will team with Josh Woods against Dalton Castle and Joe Hendry, and ‘The Last Real Man’ spoke about getting the chance for himself and Woods to prove themselves on ROH’s biggest show of year.

“Myself and Dalton Castle, we have history together so there will always be that. Hendry’s a guy that’s made a name for himself; he’s a respected guy within the industry. Talent-wise I think they match up but I think me and Josh are a more cohesive unit,” Young said, “and we’re more of a tag team. It’s tag team wrestling and that’s what it comes down to.”

Young had been paired with others in the past, including an alliance with Beer City Bruiser, and spoke about why getting a chance to team with Woods was a unique opportunity. Young says he’s the one that pitched the idea for the team with Woods, a former NXT talent and ROH Top Prospect winner, to the Ring Of Honor office and he thinks it’s paying off already.

“This is different in the fact that this is something I approached the Ring Of Honor office, booking people [with] and I said ‘Josh has been here for a while and you really haven’t done much with him. Let me do something with him.’ He’s a super respectable guy. He’s a guy who was a college athlete and was a successful one at that, right out of college he was fortunate to sign with NXT,” Young said, “but with that place having more people and using guys that are more established names coming in, he got lost in the mix and he got his release and he wanted to stick with wrestling.

“He came and he did one of the Ring Of Honor tryouts and he got a contract, he’s not been doing much. I requested to do something with him. I like him, I think he’s got a lot of talent,” Young said, “he just had to have his character shown to the crowd the way he is with everybody else. I knew that it would be good. It seems to me that people are enjoying it.”

Young, a two-time former ROH World Television Champion, was asked about potentially adding some more gold to his resume in the future, whether it’s singles or tag team. Young said there’s always going to be that desire to be ROH World Champion, but right now he’s invested in seeing where he can go with Woods as a tag team in the new year.

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The full interview is available to listen in the player below: