The New Day Reveals Alternate Names Cooked Up By WWE Creative


Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

In a new clip promoting episode two of their Feel the Power Podcast, The New Day go over some of the names WWE creative suggested to them before they settled on their team’s moniker. Among the suggestions are:

  • The Beat
  • Harmonies Three
  • The House of Light
  • Vibe and Vision
  • The Beacon
  • Trillogy
  • The Cause

Big E states that he “might mess with” The Cause, and that name might have fit the original incarnation of the group. We can safely say that none of these names are as bad as “Chilly McFreeze” and some of the other bangers we’ve heard in the past.

To see the full clip and listen to the episode, follow the links in the tweet embedded below:

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