Michael Elgin Rolls Up Brian Cage, Sami Callihan Cheats To Retain His Title Against Rhino At Motown Showdown

Michael Elgin Rolls Up Brian Cage At IMPACT Motown Showdown

At IMPACT Wrestling Motown Showdown, former IMPACT World Champion Brian Cage renewed his rivalry with Michael Elgin. Both men demonstrated their impressive strength and tried to overpower each other. Cage curled Elgin before tossing him aside. Elgin hit him with a Death Valley driver onto the apron. A German suplex earned Elgin a near fall. Cage and Elgin traded stiff chops. Elgin and Cage rolled through German suplexes from each other.

Elgin tossed Cage from the top rope. A deadlift powerbomb got Elgin another near fall. A suplex from Cage and a diving elbow drop earned him a two count, too. Both men exchanged thunderous blows. Cage countred an Elgin Bomb and both men traded clotheslines. Elgin nailed Cage with a Canadian Destroyer for a near fall. In the end, after a competitive match, Elgin rolled Cage up for the win. After the match, Elgin refused a handshake from cage, played to the crowd and flipped Cage off.

Sami Callihan Cheats To Retain IMPACT World Championship Against Rhino

At IMPACT Wrestling Motown Showdown, IMPACT World Champion Sami Callihan defended his championship against Rhino. Callihan successfully defended the title against Rich Swann the previous night at IMPACT Wrestling No Surrender. Rhino immediately hit the Gore but Callihan rolled out of the ring. Rhino took some weapons from under the ring and hit the champion with a pan. Callihan hit Rhino with a garbage can lid. The competitors brawled into the crowd. The Detroit native knocked Callihan down a flight of stairs. Callihan hid under the ring and emerged with a staple gun. The champion stapled Rhino twice but Rhino stapled him below the belt. Callihan hit a Con-Chair-To to Rhino’s ankle. The champion used paper to give Rhino a paper cut on his mouth.

Later, Callihan pulled the referee into Rhino’s way, which caused the challenger to Gore the referee through the table. A Gore to Callihan earned Rhino an unofficial three count; no referee counted the pin. Another referee came to the ring. Callihan threw powder in Rhino’s face and kicked him below the belt. He then covered Rhino to win and retain his title.

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