Willie Mack, Rich Swann & Eddie Edwards Defeat oVe, Madison Rayne & Havok Defeat Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie At Motown Showdown

eddie edwards

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Willie Mack, Rich Swann & Eddie Edwards Defeat oVe at IMPACT Motown Showdown

At IMPACT Wrestling Motown Showdown, Madman Fulton faced Eddie Edwards. Fulton immediately took the fight to Edwards and dominated early on. A dive to the outside gave Edwards some momentum. But Dave Crist and Pete Crist attacked Edwards to end the match. Rich Swann & Willie Mack chased oVe from the ring. Swann challenged the Crists to make their tag team match a six-man tag with Edwards and Fulton. Edwards, Swann and Mack dove onto their opponents outside the ring.

Several of the competitors brawled at ringside. Edwards rocked Jake Crist with some stiff chops. Dave Crist fought Swann in the crowd and jumped off a lighting structure onto his opponents. The brawl finally made its way to the ring, so the match officially started. oVe ganged up on Swann and controlled the match. Swann eventually tagged Edwards, who cleared house. But Fulton slammed Edwards onto the apron. oVe regained control and grounded Edwards. Edwards cleared the Crists from the ring but he couldn’t tag out. After a missile dropkick, Edwards tagged in Mack. Mack slammed both Crists and dropped Fulton with a Samoan drop.

He hit a standing moonsault on all three opponents. Later on, Jake Crist hit a super cutter to Edwards when Fulton had him in a gorilla press. In the end, Edwards pinned Dave Crist after a Boston Knee Party.

Madison Rayne & Havok Defeat Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie At IMPACT Motown Showdown

At IMPACT Wrestling Motown Showdown, Madison Rayne and Havok teamed up to face Rosemary & IMPACT Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie. The champion successfully defended her title against Havoc the previous night at IMPACT Wrestling No Surrender. Before the match, Rayne announced that she had been given the authority to set rules for the match: one of her opponents had to lie down and take the loss. If they did, they might keep their jobs. Rosemary attacked Rayne and double-teamed her with Valkyrie. But Rayne and Havok took control of the match.

Havok overpowered Valkyrie but the champion tagged Rosemary. Valkyrie later accidentally hit Rosemary and Havok inadvertently kicked Rayne. Rosemary clotheslined Havok out of the ring but Rayne rolled Rosemary up for the win. After the match, Rosemary kidnapped Mr. Mundo.

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