Dolph Ziggler & Baron Corbin Handcuff Roman Reigns, Feed Him Dog Food

Baron Corbin

Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

Tonight’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown seemingly was set to end with a Roman Reigns victory over Dolph Ziggler, but Baron Corbin, his followers, and Ziggler ended up getting the upper hand after the match. Following Reigns’ win over Ziggler, Corbin – who had come down to ringside earlier in the match – produced a pair of handcuffs, and he, along with his followers and Ziggler, handcuffed Reigns to the ring post.

Following that, Reigns was humiliated in front of the SmackDown crowd, as Ziggler and Corbin produced cans of dog food. From there, they dumped the dog food onto Reigns, punching and kicking him as they smeared the food onto him to the end show.

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