WWE Reportedly Urging Jeff Hardy To Seek Help For Substance Abuse Issues

During his regular audio show, Mike Johnson of PWInsider revealed why Jeff Hardy is still with WWE despite his numerous health and legal issues over the past few months. The answer is as you’d expect if you’ve been paying attention in 2019, as WWE is hesitant to let anyone move over to All Elite Wrestling and their other competitors. However, there’s another, more important reason. According to Johnson, “WWE strongly implored Jeff to address his health and we’re told that Jeff is doing that and really aggressively dove right into it.”

Hardy is currently out of action with a knee injury, although it’s arguable that he’d be out of action regardless because of his legal troubles. He had a court date earlier this week, and there’s no word on how that turned out for the former WWE Champion. His brother Matt Hardy only has a few months left on his WWE deal, and all signs indicate that he won’t be resigning with the company.

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Transcripts provided by Ringside News