Killian Dain Opens Up NXT With A Win Over Pete Dunne

killian dain

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Killian Dain made his way out to start tonight’s episode of NXT, and although Damian Priest was unable to participate in any matches, that didn’t stop Dain from demanding a match with someone. Thankfully for him, Pete Dunne was very happy to oblige, as he quickly came out and got things started in the ring. Unfortunately for Dunne, he wasn’t able to come away with a win, as a charged up Dain won and continued to show the NXT universe how talented he truly is.

For a brief recap on how the match ended, check out below, and make sure to follow along with our live coverage of tonight’s NXT:

Dunne lands on his feet but reinjures his leg in the process. Dain lands a suicide dive. After the break, Dunne lands a moonsault off the middle rope to the outside. Dain picks up Dunne and hits wasteland on the apron. Belfast bomb on the outside by Dain. Dain lays Dunne against the ringsteps. Dain hits the Belfast blitz into the stairs. Dain tries a Vader bomb but Dunne counters into a triangle. Dain powerbombs Dunne to break the hold. Dain goes up top. Dunne cuts him off and locks in a sleeper on the top rope. Dain falls backward, crushing Dunne. The referee counts to three.

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