AEW Dynamite Results (12/4/2019)

AEW Dynamite Results

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The show faced some audio issues early on as the competitors came out for the six-man tag.

The Young Bucks and Dustin Rhodes vs. Inner Circle

Audio issues aside, this was a great start to the show. high-octane action from the Bucks. Dustin went for the shattered dreams kick butt was stopped by the referee which of course allowed the heels to cheat. The Young Bucks would regain control and end up scoring a victory with A double superkick to Sammy while he was trying to live blog in a very cool moment. The babyfaces will get the wind following a double tombstone to the former LAX with a Senton on Sammy to boot.

WINNERS: The Young Bucks and Dustin Rhodes.

Fenix vs. Trent

Some quick exchanges between both men as both went for their finishes early. A stalemate would send us into our first commercial break of the evening.

In the home stretch, Trent would hit a Gobstopper knee. but he wouldn’t get the job done. Before he could hit another knee, he would be hit with a rolling cutter and put away with a Mexican Muscle Buster.

WINNER: Fenix.

Cody Rhodes came out and cut another Banger promo. He challenged MJ after a match. He said he needs to face him and while he still feels he’s the future he’s going to educate him and make him suffer and lacerate him. Cody would offer the keys to his car, $50,000 in cash, a nice watch, and even his red bottom shoes.

Joey Janela was interviewed backstage by Alex Marvez he said he needs to win this match against Moxley and it’s different this time because of the lights are on. Moxley showed up and just call him a kid.

Back from break, another cult-like vignette aired for The Dark Order

Nyla Rose vs Leva Bates.

Total squash match. It gets exciting when Nyla Rose attacks peter Avalon who tried to intervene. She would win the match following a double choke slam to both librarians and a Beast Bomb to Leva.

WINNER: Nyla Rose

Shanna would try to gain a measure of revenge for being attacked by Nyla last week and would end up being put through a table (along with a referee) for her trouble. Britt Baker was shown in the crowd looking very concerned.

Chris Jericho cut a promo basically announcing that he has to wrestle on the December 18th show which will be the final Dynamite of the year. Unveiling a new list called the Lexicon of Le Champion, Jericho ran down The names of people he will never face again naming Jon Moxley about five times.

Jurassic Express shows up and it’s confirmed that Jericho will face jungle boy in 2 weeks. Jungle boy says his first words on TV saying that he knows he can last in the ring with Jericho and he’s going to kick his ass.

Hikaru Shida vs. Kris Stadtlander

Hikaru and Kris lock-up. They feel each other out and Kris gets out of a lock-up by repeatedly hitting cartwheels.Picture in picture commercial break: The action spilled to the floor and Shida took over. A lower third in the corner revealed that next week Cody will team with QT Marshall to compete against The Butcher and The Blade

Multiple knees were not able to put away the extraterrestrial. Kris stadtlander was actually able to get the win with the Big Bang Theory and the announce team hyped that she has defeated the number one ranked women’s competitor.

WINNER: Kris Stadtlander

After the match, Brandi Rhodes and Awesome Kong showed up. They revealed that they are going to be known as The Nightmare Collective which is an extension of the nightmare family. They offered a spot in the collective to Kris and an unnamed person in the crowd offered herself to the collective and they proceeded to cut her hair and assist her to the back with them.

Chris Daniels vs. Pentagon Jr.

Before the start of the match, Daniels jumped onto Pentagon and they brought down the rampway with pentagon getting the better of Daniels and sending them into the ring so the match could begin.

Later in the match, Daniels would wipe himself out on the rampway. Still, he would hit the Angels Wings and Fenix would need to run down to save his brother and distract the referee. A low blow and a package piledriver would seal the deal and the victory for Pentagon.

WINNER: Pentagon Jr.

A Butcher, Blade & Bunny vignette airs and it was also announced that next week The Young Bucks would take on Proud N’ Powerful in a Texas Tornado Street Fight.

Jon Moxley vs. Joey Janela

The match started off with chain wrestling which the announce team pointed out was unusual considering the combatants involved. As the match progressed, it would still to the outside and we would get our final commercial break as Jon Moxley said something inaudible to the camera is it was cut off by the commercial break.

Later, Janela would drive Jon Moxley through a table with an elbow drop and get only a two count. Shortly after that, Jon Moxley would hit a paradigm shift DDT and scored the victory.

To close the show, Jericho would come out with his Inner Circle faction and they would stare down Jon Moxley the same way Jon Moxley stared down Chris Jericho last week.

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