WWE RAW Viewership Rises After Thanksgiving Hangover

RAW may have been a back to basics show this week, but viewers returned after taking the holiday off.

As reported by Showbuzz Daily, RAW viewership rose around five percent in this week’s ratings despite stiff competition from Monday Night Football. To be specific, the show averaged 2.208 million viewers, which is up from last week’s 2.109 million figure.

According to the Wrestling Observer, this number breaks “a three-week streak of the three least-watched non-holiday episodes of the show dating back to 1997.” RAW once again came in fourth, fifth and sixth in the overall ratings, behind only the aforementioned football game, the NFL kickoff show and the 12 AM SportsCenter.

The hourly breakdown is as follows:

  • 8 pm: 2,418,000
  • 9 pm: 2,279,000
  • 10 pm: 1,928,000


3.093 million – July 22 – 2019 High

2.057 million – November 12 – 2019 Low

2.208 million – November 25 – This Week

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