Colt Cabana On Taking A More Serious Approach With The NWA: ‘I Do Like Building Stories’

colt cabana

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Colt Cabana usually asks the question, “Why so serious?” but being a featured star in the NWA has gifted the promotion’s National Champion the opportunity to flex his muscles with a more serious tone.

Cabana was one of the showcased guests at Starrcast IV in Baltimore and when asked about taking a more serious approach on NWA Powerrr, Colt says that he was all for doing what NWA owner Billy Corgan requested of him.

“I can wrestle any way. You want me to be serious? I’ll be serious, but if you leave it up to me, I will be the goofball that I am, that’s the wrestling I prefer,” Cabana said, “but Billy Corgan has a vision and that’s his vision and I respect it. I’m in that role and I’m going to do that role for him and I’m going to enjoy it because I love wrestling and so I have no problem doing that and I enjoy it to an aspect.”

Something that Cabana is looking forward to as he progresses with the NWA is the ability to do some long-term storytelling.

“I do like building stories. Years ago people remember me for a feud I had with Homicide where it started very silly and ended up in this crazy match with the Drain-O and then this crazy barbed wire match and that was a beautiful story and I loved telling that story so I love getting into that long-form and long-term storytelling,” Cabana said, “but the way I kind of pathed out my career in past ten years, I’m such a journeyman and I’m so all over the place so I don’t really have that opportunity to tell those long stories so with NWA, they have it really down. They want to tell these stories and I’m definitely along for the ride and I look forward to maybe doing something super, super, super serious where you didn’t really expect it and you haven’t seen it in a long time.”

You can watch Colt’s Starrcast scrum below:

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