AJ Styles Pins Ricochet In Six-Man Tag Team Match, Gets RKO’ed By Randy Orton

Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

This week on WWE Monday Night RAW, Ricochet, Humberto Carrillo and WWE United States Champion AJ Styles joined forces to take on the OC. Mysterio and his teammates saved Randy Orton and each other from an assault by the OC earlier in the program. Though Orton somewhat rejected the backup, the trio still took on Styles, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.

Ricochet and Carrillo took control early on by double-teaming Karl Anderson. Carrillo hit a diving crossbody on Styles. The OC gained momentum when Luke Gallows clotheslined Carrillo at ringside. The trio then ganged up on Carrillo and grounded him. Carrillo rallied and tagged Mysterio. The WWE United States Champion took the fight to all three members of the OC. But Anderson slammed him into the ring post. The OC then isolated Mysterio.

Mysterio eventually tagged Ricochet and he cleared house. Anderson blindsided Ricochet and Styles nearly pinned him after a facebuster. The match broke down into chaos and Carrillo dove onto Gallows. Styles countered a hurricanrana and hit a Styles Clash on Ricochet off the top rope for the win.

After the match, Orton dropped Styles with an RKO.

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