Bobby Lashley & Lana Arrested, Authors Of Pain Attack Kevin Owens

Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

Last week on WWE Monday Night RAW, Seth Rollins insulted the entire RAW locker room. This week, he apologized for his actions. He said, though his words were harsh, the RAW locker room is his family. He said it’s his responsibility to get the best out of every superstar on RAW. “But I may have gone overboard,” said Rollins. He apologized to everyone, the locker room and Kevin Owens. He asked Owens to come to the ring so he could personally apologize to him.

Owens asked Rollins if the Authors of Pain happened to be the closest members of Rollins’ family. He called Rollins a liar and said his words were bulls—. The Authors of Pain came to the stage and proposed a tag team match on RAW. Rollins accepted the challenge but Owens predicted Rollins was aligned with the Authors of Pain. Rollins walked out on Owens and stared down the Authors of Pain. They let him walk away. Owens said he’d love to fight the Authors of Pain but they laughed him off and walked away.

Owens issued an open challenge and, after a commercial break, Lana came to the stage. She took a minute to pose before she said, “It’s all about me.” Owens told her no one cares. He and Lana talked over each other. Lana said Rusev would not be at RAW because she filed another restraining order against him. Lana said Rusev is in jail and Owens called her repulsive. Then, Lana said her “hot boyfriend” Bobby Lashley would finish Owens.

Lashley then faced Owens in a match. Some police officers in street clothes walked to the ring and stood next to Lana. The Almighty One overpowered Owens early on. Owens hit a Frog Splash off the apron. A cannonball in the apron earned Owens a two count. Lashley floored Owens with a clothesline and took control. Lashley posed to the crowd but Owens dropped him with a superkick. A Dominator nearly gave Lashley the win. Owens nailed a pop-up powerbomb but Authors of Pain returned to the ring and attacked him. The referee called for the bell as the two men beat up Owens. The Authors of Pain ganged up on him and dragged him backstage.

After another commercial, Lana said she’s tired of getting booed. Rusev hopped the barricade and attacked Lashley. Lana’s bodyguards slowly got onto the apron and Rusev ran away. One of the guards says he’s a WWE fan and they do things differently in Tennessee. The guards arrested Lashley and Lana slapped one of them. The guards arrested Lana, too.

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