ROH Wrestling Results (12/2/19): Four Corner Survival

Four Corner Survival: Kenny King vs. Eli Isom vs. Último Guerrero vs. PJ Black (ROH The Experience)

Guerrero, Black and King all lock in submission holds. Guerrero and Isom face off and Guerrero kicks him to the outside. King takes some chops from Guerrero, who takes control of the match. But Isom gains control and teams up with Black. They exchange counters and hit each other with a cross body. King rocks Black with a spinning kick. A pendulum cutter on Isom gets King a two count. Isom dives onto everyone and dishes out backbreakers. Isom hits a springboard moonsault onto Black and Guerrero. King dives off the stage and over the crowd onto everyone. A superkick from Isom rocks Guerrero. Black DDTs Isom and hits a moonsault double stomp on him for the win.

Winner: PJ Black 

Black shakes hands with Isom after the match.

A graphic package runs through the card for ROH Final Battle.

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