IMPACT Wrestling Results (12/3/19)

ODB comes to the ring to thank the fans for their support after her food truck was destroyed. Taya Valkyrie interrupts. Valkyrie trash talks ODB. ODB beats the crap out of Valkyrie.

During a press conference, Tessa Blanchard says she is going to make history when she wins the IMPACT championship. Sami Callihan says he doesn’t hate Tessa Blanchard because she is a woman, he hates her because she is a spoiled brat. Callihan tells Blanchard that he is going to crush her f’n skull. Callihan and Blanchard are pulled apart.

The Rascalz vs. Ace Austin and Reno Scum

The heels work over Dez. Dez manages to tag in Trey, who clears the ring. Wentz and Trey both hit dives to the outside. Outside the ring, Austin goes to the barricade and chats up Trey’s mom. Trey attacks Austin. Thornstowe rolls up Wentz for the win.

Winners- Ace Austin and Reno Scum

Backstage, Johnny Swinger asks Joey Ryan to team up with him. Ryan is reading his phone and not paying any attention. Swinger asks Ryan to help him tonight when he does a special hand signal. Ryan says sure. Swinger walks away.

In-Ring Segment: RVD and Katie Forbes

Forbes gives RVD a special introduction. RVD says everyone is doing all of his moves and the fans are cheering for the copycats. Tommy Dreamer interrupts. Dreamer says RVD and Rhyno should settle their differences in the ring next week. Dreamer is going to be the special guest referee. Rhyno runs down to the ring and attacks RVD. RVD and Rhyno are separated by security.

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