WWE RAW Results (12/2/19)

As Owens is in the ring, Lana walks out on the ramp. Lana says she isn’t here to make it all about her, but it’s totally all about her. Owens and Lana go back and forth over if anyone cares what Lana has to say. Lana informs us that Rusev isn’t here tonight and she has a restraining order. Lana sends Lashley to the ring. Lana and Lashley are flanked by two off duty police officers.

Kevin Owens vs. Bobby Lashley

Lashley destroys Owens with a spinebuster. Owens trips Lashley on the apron. Owens crushes Lashley with a frog splash off the apron. After the break, Owens does the crotch chop before hitting a cannonball in the corner. Owens misses a moonsault. Lashley turns Owens inside out with a lariat. Lashley runs into a superkick by Owens. Lashley surprises Owens with a swinging neck breaker. Lashley hits the C4. Owens kicks out. Lashley tries to lock Owens in a full nelson. Owens fights his way out of the hold. Owens pop-up powerbombs Lashley. The AOP power walks to the ring. Akam and Rezarr attack Owens to cause a disqualification.

Winner- Kevin Owens

After the match, Akam and Rezar drag Owens up the ramp to the backstage area.

After the break, Lana and Lashley are giving an interview in the ring. Rusev hops the barricade and Machka kicks Lashley. The off duty police officers just stand there. Rusev runs away through the crowd. Lashley gets in the officer’s faces. Lashley yells that they had one job to do. One of the officers tells Lashley that he has been a life long WWE fan and here in Tennesse, they do things differently. Lashley shoulder checks the officer as he walks up the ramp. The officer arrest Lashley for being physical with him. Lana slaps the same officer in the face. The other officer puts handcuffs on Lana. Lana and Lashley are both taken away.

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