Tommaso Ciampa Experiences TakeOver With His Daughter, Sandman Discusses WWE Invasion

Tommaso Ciampa

Photo Credit: WWE

Tommaso Ciampa Experiences TakeOver With His Daughter

Tommaso Ciampa has had a long road to get back to where he is now, but during the latest NXT TakeOver, Ciampa had a very special guest join him in the festivities. His daughter Willow was there with Ciampa and his wife, Jessica, as they experienced the TakeOver for the first time as an entire family, and needless to say, it was an emotional time.

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Sandman Discusses WWE Invasion

Former wrestling superstar Sandman recently sat down with The Hannibal TV to discuss a variety of topics, including the ECW invasion that was done in part with WWE during the Mind Games pay-per-view.