The Fiend Tears Out Daniel Bryan’s Hair After Bringing Back The Yes Movement

daniel bryan

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Daniel Bryan closed out tonight’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown by bringing back a fan favorite. After being taunted by Bray Wyatt for a majority of the night, Bryan addressed the issue in the ring. Bryan said that both Wyatt and fans have been asking him to bring back the “Yes!” movement, and that since everyone wants him too, he will. From there, Bryan said that he would accept another challenge from the Fiend.

From there, another episode of Firefly Fun House began to play, and Wyatt said that since he promised to reveal a new face to the show, he would do just that, as he’s a man of his word. Afterwards, the lights in the arena went out, and The Fiend appeared under the ring, dragging Daniel down with him. After disappearing for a moment, The Fiend began to pop up and toss hair into the ring, implying that he had begun pulling out Bryan’s hair. Could Bryan become the new face that Wyatt was teasing?

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