Kenny Omega Beats PAC, Diamond Dallas Page & MJF Get Into Scuffle

Kenny Omega

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Kenny Omega Gets His Win Back Over PAC

We had an AEW All Out rematch on Dynamite as Kenny Omega took on PAC. It was the Brit that came out on top in their initial rematch, but neither man had an edge early on. Both opponents knew each other’s strategy and that led to an entertaining match for the fans.

In the end, Omega’s technical wrestling proved superior as we able to get PAC in a crucifix roll-up for the win.

Now when do we see a rubber match?

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Diamond Dallas Page & MJF Get Into Scuffle

A Dynamite Diamond Ring was on the line between MJF and Adam Page. The two won a battle royal last week and faced off for the ring. Page had the clear advantage until Wardlow interfered and allowed MJF to get the win via a Cross Rhodes.

Diamond Dallas Page then came out to award MJF the ring. He said he was disappointed to award it to MJF but that he will congratulate him because he’s the bigger man and stook his hand out. However, MJF then spits gum out and puts it in DDPs’s hand. The two got in each other’s faces until Wardlow got in between the two of them. DDP threatened to kick Wardlow’s ass and a ref separated the three.