Watch Nyla Rose ‘Attack’ A Fan & Shanna Before AEW Dynamite (Video)

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

UPDATE: Her wrath continues as Rose attacked Shanna backstage.

Prior to tonight’s episode of AEW Dynamite, Nyla Rose made sure everyone was aware just how little she likes to be messed with.

As she entered into the arena, a crowd of ‘fans’ were waiting, and began asking Rose for an autograph. As Rose brushed through the crowd, a fan called out to her, saying that he would rather get an autograph from the champion anyway. Rose quickly stopped and headed back, asking the ‘fan’ to repeat himself before delivering a punch to his stomach.

From there, Rose continued to assault the man, before dragging him to a giant bin, where she then proceeded to pick him up and dump him into it. Needless to say, Rose is not in the mood to be played with, and with AEW Dynamite yet to begin, it’ll be interesting to see how things continue.

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