Scorpio Sky Responds To Chris Jericho Ahead Of Title Shot, Explains His Wrestling Journey

Photo Credit: Thomas Tischio / AEW

Scorpio Sky will face off against Chris Jericho tonight for the All Elite Wrestling World Championship. Before AEW Dynamite, he chatted with Alex Marvez about the match and his wrestling journey.

Check out what he had to say below:

On Chris Jericho saying he isn’t on his level:

When Chris Jericho said those words, “Scorpio Sky, you will never get a shot at this title.” It caught me off-guard. He’s a superstar, one of if not the greatest of all-time, and he spoke my name. in a negative way but he spoke my name. I didn’t know that Chris Jericho knew who I was. But what it did, it didn’t discourage me, it motivated me. It lit a fire under me and it is no coincidence that months later I am sitting here as one half of the tag team champions because of those words that you spoke.

On his journey:

It’s been a 15 year rollercoaster. Extreme highs, extreme lows. It’s been hell at times. People telling me you’re too this, you’re too that. You’re not good enough. Worse of all, my mother and father dying the same year when I was at my lowest. But I can right those wrongs tonight. I can use that as motivation … with my mother and father watching from the heavens above, I can go in that ring and walk out a world champion.