Kane On Characters Like His Not Existing On 2019, Wanting To Reunite With Undertaker


Photo by Bryan Lynn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Mayor Kane, Glenn Jacobs, recently spoke to TV Insider about his decision to write an autobiography and an angle that would get him back into the wrestling world. Here are some highlights.

Kane On Deciding To Write A Book:

“Part of my process was going, ‘I think this will be a good story.’ Also, I remember telling someone a story, and I don’t think it’s a really big deal. Then they think it’s really entertaining. So it’s about putting all that stuff together. I’d call people and basically go, ‘Hey, who was here? Where were we exactly?’ I can remember the big picture stuff, but I sometimes didn’t know the details. Then there are certain things that stick out in your mind that you know everything about it. When people mention an event, I can say that was such and such show at such and such arena. I did have to go through what I wanted to say.

“In some cases, I’d have to go back and talk to some people who were there to jog my memory. Then there was the case I was talking to a friend of mine asking why I didn’t put a certain thing in the book. I said, ‘Well if I did, it would be a thousand pages. It was about what goes with the flow of the story of what is really important and doing it in a way that is entertaining and concise as possible. There is a lot of stuff I didn’t put in it that I wish I could. Maybe that will be used for another time.”

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Kane Talks Over-The-Top Characters Being A Rarity In 2019:

“It has become harder because there is so much more content and exposure demanded. We look at the internet and social media and all the different platforms we are competing against. One of the things that frustrated me is that we move so quickly sometimes it felt like you weren’t getting the depth of the storyline because you just had to put stuff out and things would get lost. That’s the nature of the business. You look at a guy like Bray Wyatt who has done a phenomenal job. That character has really taken off. It’s difficult. I think it’s harder than ever to get into that kind of patient story-telling. It’s an unfortunate evolution of the business. But I think what Bray Wyatt shows is that we have a performer who can do it and given the opportunity, it’s still something that strikes a chord with people.

“To me, that’s one of the best parts of the wrestling business is the stories. Sometimes they get sacrificed a little bit to keep the machine going. So it’s nice to see a guy like Bray have that opportunity to really get over as a character in a unique storyline.”

Kane Talks Wanting To Reunite with Undertaker For His Final Match:

“Even though Undertaker and I had a match with DX that has never happened before, it would be great to reunite the Brothers of Destruction. That is always so special. That would be for me the ultimate thing.”