The Authors of Pain Attack Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins Stomps Him Twice

Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images

This week on WWE Monday Night RAW, Seth Rollins insulted Kevin Owens and the entire RAW locker room. Owens hit Rollins with a Stunner and the Architect challenged Owens to a match.

As two of WWE’s best technical wrestlers, Rollins and Owens match each other’s every move early on. A superkick rocked Rollins and he grabbed a chair but he didn’t use it. Rollins took control of the match but Owens planted him with a DDT. A Swanton Bomb off the apron and a Frog Splash got Owens a near fall. Owens mocked Rollins’ signature taunt but Rollins hit a blockbuster. Owens countered a Stomp and hit a pop-up powerbomb for a near fall. The competitors traded superkicks but Owens dropped Rollins with a Stunner. The Authors of Pain came to the ring and attacked Owens. The referee called for the bell. They threw him shoulder-first into the ring post several times. The duo turned their attention to Rollins but they walked away from him. Rollins hit Owens with two Stomps and trash-talked him to end the show.

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