Asuka Spits Mist At Charlotte Flair, Pins Her After Competitive Match

On WWE Monday Night RAW, Charlotte Flair continued her rivalry with Asuka. At WWE Survivor Series, Asuka spit her green mist in Flair’s face, though they were on Team RAW. The two competitors met in a singles match and Asuka spit her green mist in Flair’s face and picked up the win.

Both women proved why they’re two of the top competitors in WWE’s women’s division. Flair chased Kairi Sane into the crowd and the WWE Tag Team Champion left the area. Asuka locked in a triangle choke but Flair out of it. Asuka planted Flair with a German suplex. Flair fought out of the Asuka Lock and hit Asuka with some chops. Asuka rolled up Flair for a near fall. Asuka locked in another triangle choke but Flair reversed into a Boston Crab. A Spear gave Flair a near fall. Sane returned to ringside and Flair attacked her. Asuka spit Flair in the face with green mist and pinned her for the win.

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