Humberto Carrillo Injured By The OC, Rey Mysterio Wins Fatal 4-Way For Title Shot

humberto carrillo

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

For several weeks, Humberto Carrillo has been engaged in a rivalry with WWE United States Champion AJ Styles. This week on WWE Monday Night RAW, Carrillo challenged Styles in a match for his title.

The OC attacked Carrillo on his way to the ring. Luke Gallows slammed him on the apron and Karl Anderson tossed him into the steel steps. They hit Carrillo with a brutal Magic Killer on the steel steps. Referees checked on Carrillo and Ricochet came to the ring, too. Styles and the OC mocked Ricochet and he fired back by insulting the champion. He challenged Styles to a match but Styles refused. Randy Orton came to the stage and challenged Styles, too. Styles reminded Orton of their match at WWE WrestleMania. Drew McIntyre came to the ring and demanded a title opportunity. Rey Mysterio joined the fray and criticized Styles for making up excuses. Mysterio said he wants a title shot, too. Mysterio, McIntyre, Orton and Ricochet then faced off in a fatal-four way match to determine the #1 contender for the title.

McIntyre and Orton ganged up on Ricochet. The Scottish Psychopath tossed Ricochet across the ring. Orton dropped Ricochet with a powerslam. Mysterio took down McIntyre and Orton with some high-flying offense. McIntyre suplexed Orton and Mysterio. Ricochet gained momentum but Orton planted him with a spike DDT. McIntyre dropped Orton with a Glasgow Kiss. Orton nailed McIntyre with an RKO but the OC attacked Orton to prevent him from earning the win. Mysterio and Ricochet exchanged counters until Mysterio pinned Ricochet to win the match. With the win, Mysterio earned an immediate shot at Styles’ WWE United States Championship.

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