Seth Rollins Insults Entire RAW Locker Room, Eats A Stunner By Kevin Owens

Seth Rollins

Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

To kick off WWE Monday Night RAW this week, Seth Rollins hosted a town hall. The RAW locker room surrounded the ring as Rollins discussed RAW’s struggles at WWE Survivor Series. “To see what [this show] has become,  it breaks my heart,” Rollins said. “Last night at Survivor Series, you all sucked,” he told the RAW locker room. The Architect said they all dropped the ball and RAW is now the C-show. Rollins said he wants to make RAW great again. He invited anyone to speak up. He told Randy Orton he was the weak link on Team RAW at WWE Survivor Series. Rollins asked him to speak up but Orton walked out of the meeting.

Rollins turned his focus to Charlotte Flair. “You call yourself a Flair?” he said. Charlotte walked out, too. Rollins said RAW didn’t need the Authors of Pain at WWE Survivor Series so they don’t need them tonight, either. Rollins bragged that he beat Lesnar twice but Rey Mysterio’s “stupid kid” wasn’t enough to beat Lesnar. The rest of the locker room walked out and Rollins saud he’s the only one who has the guts to say what needs to be said. Kevin Owens came to the ring. Rollins called him a “lazy piece of crap” and told him he’ll never be Seth Rollins. Owens dropped Rollins with a stunner and walked out.

Backstage, Rollins challenged Owens to a match.

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