IMPACT Wrestling Throwback Throwdown Results (11/26/19)

Bodyslam Challenge

300K Man says he is upping the prize to 3k. Mr. Atlantis accepts. Mr. Atlantis almost gets Kong up. Kong attacks Mr. Atlantis. Muscles McGhee (Brian Cage) walks to the ring. 300K Man says the challenge is over. McGhee says he isn’t here for the money he is here for the people. McGhee bodyslams Kong.

The Cockpit

Last week, Captain Joystick (Joey Ryan) and Miss MileHigh (Keira Hogan) have DJ 2 Large (Moose) on the show. Captain Joystick won’t let DJ get a word in. DJ freestyles about taking Captain Joystick’s girl. Joystick ends up hitting DJ with a drink tray.

After a Gama Singh threw a fireball in Cowboy Colt McCoy’s face, McCoy tells us he may never see again.

Blindfold Match: Gama Singh w/Dada Singh vs. “Cowboy” Colt McCoy

 McCoy is squinting and rubbing his eyes… you know… bc he’s blind now. Singh refuses to put on the blindfold. McCoy gets a “chicken” chant going. Singh eventually puts on the hood. McCoy and Singh stumble around the ring. McCoy uses the crowd’s chants to find Singh. Dada distracts the referee while Singh peeks from under his hood so he can attack McCoy. McCoy and Singh stumble around again. McCoy eventually finds Singh. McCoy hits a Diamond Cutter for the win.

Winner- “Cowboy” Coly McCoy

After the match, The Soviets (Madman Fulton and Michael Elgin) attack McCoy. The Owner of the company (Scott D’amore) tells them to stop. The Soviets attack Mr. Scovelli. The Soviets lay the Soviet flag on McCoy.

Mr. Scovelli goes nuts and challenges The Soviets to a tag match next week.

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