IMPACT Wrestling Throwback Throwdown Results (11/26/19)

Johnny Swinger vs. Buck Gunderson

Swinger makes quick work of Gunderson. Swinger pins Gunderson with the Swinger Neck Breaker.

Winner- Johnny Swinger

Breaking News: Frank the Butcher (Rhino) is coming to IPWF.

Backstage, The Rough Riders (Tessa Blanchard, Jordynne Grace, Havok) tell us that no one in their right mind would want to step in the ring with them.

Jazzy Fitbody vs. Agnes Beerheart

Fitbody exercises her way out of an armbar. Sebastian Baker walks down to the ring to watch the match. Beerheart suplexes Fitbody. Fitbody kicks out. Fitbody fires up and lands a few strikes. Fitbody picks up Beerheart and does a few squats. Fitbody hits a splash off the second rope for the win.

Winner- Jazzy Fitbody

After the match, Seb gets in the ring. Seb asks Fitbody to join him. Fitbody signs the contract. Fitbody kick Seb in the nuts. Fitbody rips up the contract.

The Rough Riders vs. Bill Ding (Trey), Jim Nasium (Dez), Tim Burr (Alexander), and Ray Strack (Wentz)

Ding and Blanche trade leapfrogs. Blanche superkicks Ding. Georgia runs over Strack. Midred tags in and gets double legged by Nasium. Nasium does jumping jacks and pushups. Midred head-scissor takeovers Nasium. Burr and Lady Bird tag in. Burr lands an axhandle off the top. Lady Bird gets back to her feet. Burr hits the dreaded double axhandle. Strack tags in and superkicks each member of the Rough Riders. Strack misses a splash off the top. Blanche Hammerlock DDTs Strack for the win.

Winners- The Rough Riders

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