Triple H Comments On Britt Baker Being Acknowledged On-Air At NXT TakeOver WarGames

Triple H was asked about AEW’s Britt Baker being seen on air tonight during NXT TakeOver: WarGames and the decision to acknowledge her, as it’s something that’s not done very often. Triple H explained that he just spoke to her and Adam Cole about it, and said the director on duty didn’t even realize who it was when he took the shot, and just saw a distraught woman observing the aftermath of the main event match.

“They took a shot—the director that took the shot didn’t know who it was. He just went to the woman in the crowd with the most concerned look on her face and he took the shot,” Triple H explained. “I don’t have a problem with it in any way, shape or form. Then to not address it, then it’s the elephant in the room and you’re making it ‘that was weird…’ so you’ve got to address it.”

Triple H went on to explain he doesn’t want to put anyone in a position like that and doesn’t want it to be problematic for her, or anyone for that matter.

“I don’t have a problem with it in any way, shape or form but I would never want to put talent in that position. I get why she’s here, I get who she’s here with and I would never want to put her in a position where I took a shot of her and it gets her heat,” Triple H said, “or it gets her a problem with her employers and what she’s doing. I wouldn’t want that to be a problem for her and it very easily could be.”

Triple H also went on to reference another time it happened to Britt by accident, noting that she was sitting near Stephanie McMahon during another show and ended up in the shot. He said he’s happy for Britt and what she’s doing, and said she’s killing it where she is right now.

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